ASU Bans Jewish Professor For Confronting Hamas Protestor

Professor Jonathan Yudelman. Image: KPNX
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This  Jewish professor was baited (off campus) by a pro-Hamas demonstrator who then yelled “Hate crime, hate crime” until Tempe police arrived. He was not arrested, but he was physically banned-for-life from the ASU campus by its President Michael Crow. ⁃ CFFS Editor

Arizona State University (ASU) banned a professor after his verbal confrontation with a Muslim woman on campus went viral online.

ASU professor Jonathan Yudelman, a School of Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership postdoctoral research scholar, confronted a hijab-clad Muslim woman during a pro-Israel protest near campus last Sunday, captured in viral footage amplified by pro-Hamas activists.

The events leading up to the heated, expletive-laden exchange weren’t captured or circulated, and the identity of the woman is unknown. It is also not known if she is an ASU student.

“You’re disrespecting my religious boundaries,” said the woman.

“What does this have to do with religion? You’re spewing hate,” said the man with Yudelman, former IDF soldier Sammy Ben.

“You disrespect my sense of humanity, b****,” said Yudelman.

“Get the f*** out of my face,” responded the woman.

“Get the f*** out of here,” said Yudelman.

“Go back to Jihad,” said Ben, to which another woman recording the viral exchange began screaming “Hate Crime!” and yelling for the cops to come handle the two men. At that point, Ben turned around to face the woman filming.

“What do you say about the seventh of October? Do you have an opinion about it? You also glorified it? You’re happy about it?” asked Ben.

Clemson University professor C. Bradley Thompson, a peer of Yudelman, offered some background to the viral exchange: the mystery woman had allegedly engaged by verbally accosting him first, and Yudelman wasn’t initially part of the pro-Israel protest.

According to Thompson, Yudelman is talking with a lawyer about his situation.

ASU President Michael Crow said in a statement that Yudelman was not only dismissed, but completely banned from campus and future teaching opportunities.

“He is no longer permitted to be on campus and will never teach here again,” said Crow.

Yudelman resigned before Sunday’s incident, though his resignation wasn’t scheduled to take effect until the end of June. Yudelman is an associate professor with University of Austin, a new private university enrolling its first undergraduate class this fall.

Yudelman formerly held positions with Harvard University, Princeton University, Baylor University, and the University of Texas.

Activists and organizations such as the Arizona chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-AZ) demanded Yudelman to be arrested and fired for the exchange.

CAIR-AZ Executive Director Azza Abuseif said Yudelman’s rhetoric amounted to a “broader pattern of Islamophobia and religious intolerance weaponized by pro-Israel, pro-genocide extremists.” Abuseif also called for any criminal charges possible to be filed.

In a Wednesday press release, ASU reported that it had placed Yudelman on leave on Monday pending their investigation. The university referred the matter to Tempe police.

“Arizona State University protects freedom of speech and expression but does not tolerate threatening or violent behavior,” said ASU. “While peaceful protest is welcome, all incidents of violent or threatening behavior will be addressed.”

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