How A Government-Sponsored Agency Is Censoring Journalism

It started in earnest in 2016 then exploded by 2020. Our own State Department and the CIA are complicit with funding and direction. These scurrilous attacks on Free Speech and the Freedom of the Press are unprecedented in history. Citizens for Free Speech intends to derail these self-proclaimed “arbiters of truth” by exposing them to the light of day: “Illumination leads to elimination.”   […]


Government Funds AI Tools For Whole-Of-Internet Surveillance And Censorship

When I gave my 2024 Forecast last month, I said that the enemies of Free Speech are going nuclear and intend to wipe it out by the end of the year. Most of my readers can’t see the magnitude of what this means, much less the role AI is playing in the hands of evil people. We need to scream “tsunami” to warn people that there is a 200-foot tidal wave of censorship about to hit and that it will be fatal. […]

Free Speech

Red Alert: Rally Here To Prevent The Death Of Free Speech In 2024

Glenn Beck understands the importance of Free Speech in America. In this video, he exposes the globalist plot to obliterate Free Speech in 2024. It’s true. Not in 2030 or 2026, but in 2024. CFFS featured the genesis of this story on Dec. 3: Blockbuster: The Birth Of The Censorship Industrial Complex Revealed, but Glenn is exploding it here. If you fail to watch and comprehend, then you become part of the problem. […]