The Full-Spectrum, Asymmetrical War On Free Speech – Now You Know

The war is on. Are you in or out? Mike Benz lays the record bare about who is attacking us, why are they doing it and how they are using tools of regime change against us. Their enemies are populists who don't want be manipulated and who value humaness, individuality, privacy freedom and liberty.

Free Speech

Government Funds AI Tools For Whole-Of-Internet Surveillance And Censorship

When I gave my 2024 Forecast last month, I said that the enemies of Free Speech are going nuclear and intend to wipe it out by the end of the year. Most of my readers can't see the magnitude of what this means, much less the role AI is playing in the hands of evil people. We need to scream "tsunami" to warn people that there is a 200-foot tidal wave of censorship about to hit and that it will be fatal.


AAPS Files Amicus Brief Against Biden Administration’s Censorship

Association of American Physicians and Surgeons speaks for medical professionals around the county by filing a amicus brief to the Supreme Court on Murthy v. Missouri (U.S. Sup. Ct. 23-411). This hearing seeks to shut down the Biden Administration’s censorship that colludes with social platforms.


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Michael Mann v. Mark Steyn: The Criminalizing Of Free Speech In America

Climate “scientist” Michael Mann, inventor of the discredited “hockey stick,” just won a $1 million judgment from popular conservative commentator Mark Steyn in a U.S.  court, effectively criminalizing Free Speech. Mann sued the late Dr. Tim Ball in Canada over his authoritative criticism of the hockey stick. Ball cleaned Mann’s clock in the Canada Supreme Court. […]

Face Masks

Appeals Court Shoots Down First Amendment Over State-Imposed Mask Mandates

On February 4, 2024, a Federal Appeals Court filed an binding opinion that upholds the right by the state to force Americans to wear masks during a declared health emergency. This overrules other rulings stating just the opposite. Unless this is overturned by the Supreme Court, it will stand as precedent to arrest anyone does not wear a mask, when ordered to do so by a state authority. […]


‘Malicious Prosecution’: Lawyers for Dr. Meryl Nass Allege Maine Medical Board Violated Nass’ First Amendment Rights

When a highly-trained medical doctor calls out the government during the COVID panic for making flat-out unscientific claims and enforcing life-threatening treatments and protocols, she is branded as a heretic and her career is terminated. Now the medical board is trying to hide behind a “sovereign immunity” that shields it from legal prosecution. […]


Vindictive: The DOJ Is Quietly Prosecuting The Covid Resistance

Caught in their own lies and egregious behaviors, the DOJ is caught taking quiet revenge against medical professionals who bucked the life-threatening mandates by creating documents that exempted people from taking the mRNA jabs. Remember that even religious exemptions were not allowed at the time, and those doctors attempted to shield their patients from harm. […]

Free Speech

Desperate: WHO Chief Claims ‘Torrent Of Fake News” Is Killing Global Pandemic Treaty

WHO director Tedros is complaining that its sovereignty-sapping Global Pandemic Treaty was being overrun by “torrent of fake news, lies, and conspiracy theories.” One man’s truth is another man’s fake news? Apparently. However, this underscores the UN’s war on free speech. When people are free to speak out against tyranny, the tyrants can only resort to ad hominem attacks.  […]

Free Speech

Red Alert: Rally Here To Prevent The Death Of Free Speech In 2024

Glenn Beck understands the importance of Free Speech in America. In this video, he exposes the globalist plot to obliterate Free Speech in 2024. It’s true. Not in 2030 or 2026, but in 2024. CFFS featured the genesis of this story on Dec. 3: Blockbuster: The Birth Of The Censorship Industrial Complex Revealed, but Glenn is exploding it here. If you fail to watch and comprehend, then you become part of the problem. […]

Free Speech

Turley: We Now Have A Definitive List Of Anti-Free Speech States

Are you living a anti-free speech state? You might not like it when you check this list. Professor Jonathan Turley, a nationally known legal scholar, nails it by listing the states who are supporting California’s petition to the Supreme Court to overturn the Missouri v. Biden ruling banning the government from colluding with social media giants. In other words, these states think it is perfectly all right for them to censor speech. […]

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