Red Alert: Rally Here To Prevent The Death Of Free Speech In 2024

Sebastien Thibault
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Glenn Beck understands the importance of Free Speech in America. In this video, he exposes the globalist plot to obliterate Free Speech in 2024. It’s true. Not in 2030 or 2026, but in 2024. CFFS featured the genesis of this story on Dec. 3: Blockbuster: The Birth Of The Censorship Industrial Complex Revealed, but Glenn is exploding it here. If you fail to watch and comprehend this, then you become part of the problem.

The historic outcome of killing free speech is always genocide. Check your history. Russia, Germany, China, Cambodia, Ukraine, Mozambique, Rhodesia, Uganda, Nigeria, Rwanda, Darfur, and the list goes on. All of this killing was enabled by the cloak of silence imposed after Free Speech was wiped out. Why? Because the victims were unable to cry out for help!

This is why the loss of Free Speech is existential for America and Americans everywhere.

We must stop this assault NOW!  Speak up! Resist with all of your might! Shout it from the rooftop! The only things that these tyrants fear is YOU and your independent-thinking mind.

I can hear the cries of “alarmist” and “fear monger” already. I am not moved. When I founded CFFS in 2018, this was the battle that I saw looming. Now it is upon us! Rise up America!

Stout-Hearted Men (1928, Oscar Hammerstein II)

If you have the soul and the spirit
Never fear it, you’ll see it through
Hearts can inspire
Other hearts with their fire
For the strong obey
When a strong man shows them the way
Give me some men who are stout-hearted men
Who will fight for the right they adore
Start me with ten who are stout-hearted men
And I’ll soon give you ten thousand more-ore
Shoulder to shoulder, and bolder and bolder
They grow as they go to the fore
Then there’s nothing in the world
Can halt or mar a plan
When stout-hearted men
Can stick together – man-to-man.

Become a stout-hearted man or woman, TODAY!

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