First Amendment & Local Activism

Truthful, open, and accessible communication is the foundation of a civil and free society. Every issue, challenge, and opportunity hinges on an individual’s ability to speak freely. Free speech is central to critical thinking, learning, and the expression of one’s identity.

People in society form communities, groups, and organizations around shared interests and ideas. The ability to discuss, educate, and advocate for their cause is rooted in free speech. No nation can flourish without freedom of expression.

Citizens for Free Speech created and launched the Local Activist Accelerator to train up an army of successful local activists who can clean up bad policies and legislation in their own cities, towns and counties. This is where true reformation begins and it is the ultimate expression of free speech and the First Amendment. Our acclaimed Citizen Ninja™ training, developed by CFFS National Training Director Mary Baker is comprehensive and proven to be highly effective.

Be part of a proactive and encouraging learning community that is leading the way toward a brighter tomorrow. What has taken other grassroots activists years to learn can be mastered in 11 lessons. Access to the learning community is $25 per month. That is less than $1 day. Stay for as long as you need the training and coaching. No contracts.

Lead an organization or have a team that needs training? Contact us for information on group pricing!