Appeals Court Shoots Down First Amendment Over State-Imposed Mask Mandates

Steve Pfost / Newsday via Getty Images
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On February 4, 2024, a Federal Appeals Court filed an binding opinion that upholds the right by the state to force Americans to wear masks during a declared health emergency. This overrules other rulings stating just the opposite. Unless this is overturned by the Supreme Court, it will stand as precedent to arrest anyone does not wear a mask, when ordered to do so by a state authority.

In other words, if you do not comply, you will be declared to be a criminal, heavily fined and potentially thrown in jail. On this basis, about 30 percent of Americans could have been arrested during the COVID panic. This will become the weapon of enforcement during the next declared health emergency.

In the opinion of Citizens for Free Speech, this a deeply flawed ruling that ignores all precedent since our founding: The first president, George Washington, stated “If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”

Further, it flys in the face of clearly proven science that a) masks cannot stop a virus and b) wearing a mask is a hazard to your health. – CFFS Editor

Refusing to follow a public health order requiring face masks to be worn in public does not violate the First Amendment right to free speech, a federal appeals court ruled.

New Jersey residents George Falcone and Gwyneth Murray-Nolan filed lawsuits alleging that “they were punished in retaliation for refusing to wear a COVID-protective mask at Board of Education meetings,” the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals said in its ruling Monday.

“A question shadowing suits such as these is whether there is a First Amendment right to refuse to wear a protective mask as required by valid health and safety orders put in place during a recognized public health emergency,” the court also said. “Like all courts to address this issue, we conclude there is not.”

The ruling came from a three-judge panel consisting of appointees of former Presidents Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush and Barack Obama.

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Hazel Thomas

I’m going to jail then


With the recent decisions of judges on a panel without the voice of the people, I think it’s time to outlaw these panels… judge, jury and prosecution judges (so called), like Arthur Engoron need to be criminally charged and ousted for not upholding the Constitution.